When is the player ranking updated? I've noticed that it's not updated immediately.

It depends on cache both on client and server side. Usually it should not take longer than 1 hour.

What the horses in the game are actually for, how they work?

Horses are used in two main ways. Firstly, they reduce the amount of fatigue while performing attacks on other players, and secondly, they allow you to add as many wagons as you have sent horses.

What do we use wagons for?

The main goal is to get packages from the opposing town. Each wagon can carry one package. Additionally, they have a small fatigue reduction effect.

How many Dollars can I earn in a Player vs. Player match?

The reward depends on two factors: how much cash the opponent has in the town, and how many men survived the battle and can return to the town. Each man can bring back 150-300 dollars. So if you win the battle and ten men return to your town, they can bring back 1500-3000 dollars (if the opponent had that amount in town).

Packages, what are they for?

 If you have a warehouse, you can store some packages. These packages can be used in some local events or they can be sold. Note that each package in the warehouse has info about time and value. When this time reaches zero, the package is sold. But keep in mind that you can lose any package from the warehouse if other players ride your city!

Account transfer, how does it work?

The game is designed to run on one device (and one device only). As there is no login or password, we have introduced a transfer account mechanism. It allows you to transfer your profile from one phone to another. Navigate to Settings and press the „Transfer Account” button to start the process. Once successful, you will be logged out of the game on the device from which you transferred the account, and logged in on the destination device.

How to hire members to my band?

To hire members you need to build the required building (info on what building you get is in the building screen) and then you can navigate to the band screen and press „Hire” from the list of band members. The number of men is limited by the level of the building. Men are hired permanently and don’t cost you anything after hiring, but you can lose them while performing various events or when being attacked.

How fatigue works?

While attacking other players, your band will get tired. Sending more men will exhaust you out faster, but adding horses and wagons can reduce the speed at which this happens. If your exhaustion exceeds a certain level, you won’t be able to attack. You can reduce fatigue by using special local events, items in the shop or simply by waiting a while and not attacking other players.

How does morale work?

Morale is a factor that affects how well your men fight. Low morale makes them fight worse, while high morale does the opposite. By attacking weaker players, you lower your morale (the progress bar becomes shorter, moving towards red), by attacking stronger/equal players, you raise your morale (the progress bar becomes wider, moving towards green). Similar to fatigue, morale will slowly increase when it’s below neutral, so you can regain it by simply waiting. This process does not take place if you have high morale (it doesn’t decrease over time). If your morale is exceptionally low, your band will refuse to fight.